7 Steps to hire a sound service for your event

7 Pasos para contratar un servicio de sonido

You have probably attended events or concerts where the clarity and sharpness of the sound has left you in awe. This unforgettable experience is undoubtedly due to the use of top-of-the-line sound equipment. However, the real secret behind this aural perfection is the success of hiring a professional sound service for events, where quality and experience come together to create exceptional moments.

Organizing a successful event requires attention to multiple details, and one of the crucial aspects is ensuring a quality listening experience for attendees. Whether for corporate events, which seek to encourage professional interaction and the exchange of ideas, or for festive events full of music and joy, hiring a professional sound service plays a fundamental role.

In this article, from Edgar Vasquez Audiovisual Services we are committed to unveil the secrets behind hiring an effective sound service. Whether you are just starting out or you are an expert in organizing events, this article will guide you through the essential steps to achieve a professional sound system for your event.

What is professional event sound?

Before exploring how to hire an adequate sound service for events, it isessential to understand what professional event sound professional event sound and who performs it, as well as and who performs it, as well as why it plays an important role in every presentation.

Sound reinforcement involves the amplification of audio signals, either from a playback device or from the voices and instruments on stage. Usually the sound companies that perform this work can also provide the necessary lighting and screens.

The professionals in charge of event sound are sound technicians, who have specialized training in image and sound, complemented with courses in sound, acoustics, sound adjustments, radio frequency, and handling of specialized digital mixing consoles.

The importance of a professional sound system for events cannot be underestimated, as it is essential to ensure that the message of the event reaches the audience with clarity and precision. Good sound reinforcement enriches the overall experience of the event and can avoid technical issues that could distract or diminish the quality of the presentation.

Como contratar un servicio de sonido para eventos

How to hire a sound service for events?

Hiring a sound service for events may seem easy at first: a quick contact through a call or an email to event sound companies is usually the first step. However, selecting the perfect sound service to suit the specific needs of your event is a major challenge. In the following lines, we are going to explore the seven crucial steps you should follow to make sure you choose the most suitable sound service for your event.

1. Choose a professional sound company:

We always recommend choosing suppliers with experience in event sound, prioritizing quality over price. Make sure they take care of all the logistics, from pre-production to execution of the event.

When it comes to ensuring exceptional sound for your event, choosing a professional sound company is the first and most crucial step. It’s not just about finding the lowest price, it’s about investing in the guarantee that your event will sound exactly as you imagined it, from the moment the first guests arrive to the end of the last performance.

In addition, the event sound rental is a flexible and tailor-made solution that can provide you with state-of-the-art sound equipment adapted to any size and type of event, from conferences and corporate meetings to large concerts and festivals.

Event sound companies not only specialize in the sound system itself, but also offer comprehensive services that cover the entire production chain. This can help you with pre-planning, where the specific needs of your event are assessed, from set-up and sound check, to live sound management during the event.

2. Request a technical visit of the space:

Requesting a technical visit to the space where your event will take place is an essential step before formalizing any sound contract. This practice allows the sound company to understand the particularities of the venue, which is especially crucial when it comes to sound equipment for outdoor events.

During the visit, sound technicians should evaluate the best locations for equipment, specific sound needs based on the size and shape of the space, as well as any obstacles that may affect sound quality or visibility.

The site assessment ensures that all technical aspects are considered to optimize the listening experience, ensuring that music and vocals are projected clearly and crisply, regardless of the challenges that outdoor events may present.

3. Ensures that there is a technical production.

Technical production is the preparation phase prior to any show, where all the technical and logistical needs necessary to carry out a show, festival, concert, event, etc. are ascertained and resolved.

It is at this stage that a technical director is assigned who is responsible for the technical production of the event. This means that he/she is the person who will assess whether the event is technically, economically and artistically feasible and achievable.

In the technical production of the event, the technical riders of each band (if any) are studied and negotiations are made through the delivery of the contrariders and assembly proposals along with the due budget that will detail the costs of the sound service.

In this phase we also establish the necessary suppliers, the sound and lighting and the event set-up schedules, as well as the start and end times of the event in agreement with the client.

4. Hire professional sound technicians

The figure of the sound technician is essential for the sound of a show, musical or any type of event. It is not an easy task, as it requires both technical and artistic knowledge.

The acoustic quality of such events is critical for voice, music and other sounds to sound clear and crisp. Therefore, both the practical and technical skills of sound technicians are critical to providing the audience with an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

Depending on the magnitude of the event, there may be different types of sound technicians types of sound techniciansresponsible for different tasks even within the same event and stage.

For the correct sound of events it is important to hire professional sound technicians, that is, not only have extensive experience but also are trained through studies.

It will be even better if the sound technicians for your events speak at least 2 languages, mainly the native language of the country where they are located and secondly English, a language recognized worldwide as a business language. In this way, you can easily communicate with producers and artists from other countries.

Contratar un DJ para eventos

5. Consider hiring a DJ for events

A disc jockey or deejay is a person who selects and mixes his own recorded music or that of other composers and artists, to be listened to by an audience. They are specialists in reading the audience and playing the right music for each moment of the event. In short, they are in charge of musical ambience.

On the other hand, the sound technician or sound engineer is in charge of the assembly, connection and control of all sound equipment. From microphones, mixing consoles and loudspeakers to sound players and audio recorders.

The sound technician can play music or spot tracks for a live performance or presentation, but it is not his main function. It is a fundamental role that you must take into account when hiring a sound service for events.

6. Rent quality sound equipment.

Just as in formula one the best drivers win the first places with the best cars that are backed by the best brands, in the same way we must visualize the sound system of each event. And I’m sure you don’t want to come in tenth place, do you?

It is clear that it is not necessary that you know how to work the mixer that brings with it the sound company, for that is the figure of the sound technician, but it is important that you have the certainty and confidence that you have hired the best brands in sound equipment for events.

An important fact: The fact that they are well known brands does not mean that they are professionals, this is already a matter of marketing and pricing, that is another world. For example Behringer is a well-known sound brand, but that doesn’t mean that they have better speakers than brands such as NexusMeyer SoundL-Acoustic y dB Technologies.

7. Enjoy a good integral planning

Last but not least, make sure you enjoy your event. Meticulous preparation is the key to a smooth celebration. It doesn’t matter if you have hired a sound service for a small or large event hall. If you have followed the proper steps when hiring sound services, you should have everything in order, including:

  • A precise schedule of the event.
  • Clear location of entrances and emergency exits.
  • Knowledge of permitted decibel limits.
  • An understanding of the scale of the scenario and the equipment used.
  • Effective internal communication systems, such as walkie-talkies.

With these elements in place, you are well positioned to run a memorable event, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your guests.

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Picture of Edgar Vásquez
Edgar Vásquez
Gran apasionado por el mundo de los eventos y experto técnico audiovisual con amplio conocimiento en Servicios Audiovisuales para eventos. 15 Años de experiencia, extraordinarias anécdotas y conocimientos por compartir.


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